The Fumigation App lets you:

1. Work with No Internet Connection

The Fumigation App makes all web based solutions obsolete. Mobile forms work perfectly in remote areas with or without internet connection. The integrated camera and drawing features save a lot of time.

2. Deliver Compliant Report

Complete the checklist in your paperless forms onsite and generate instant, perfectly compliant reports.

3. Generate the Right Reports

Specific Reports generated for different situations with real time tracking, camera integration, voice recording, and GPS positioning fully integrated

4. Dispatch Jobs to Your Mobile Workforce

Management Portal enables you to Dispatch Jobs and specific tasks with smart forms pre-filled to save time on-site.

5. Manage Documents in a Safe Environment

Management Portal is secure and stores all documents, photos, and reports to ensure full compliance.

6. Control Documents in Resources e-Library

Perfect for storing your company policies, Safe Work Method Statements, Brochures and more so all users have only the latest versions with them all the time.