How Paperless Forms Can Help Grow Your Small Business

How Paperless Forms Can Help Grow Your Small Business

Published on: 24-06-2015 | by Misty in paperless, paperless forms, digital forms, smart forms, electronic forms

Small business owners share one dream – to grow their enterprise into a successful, thriving hub teeming with loyal customers and dedicated staff. In order to achieve this, it helps to have a business plan, as well as a system that simplifies processes, removes bottlenecks, and speeds up the entire organization.

Improving workflows doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and implementing the right systems. Introducing a paperless solution into your business will help increase efficiency as your processes become faster and more accurate.

Improve Data Collection

Using our paperless forms, you can improve your data collection process and increase overall efficiency. Formitize app is a powerful tool that upgrades your systems by turning your previously manual process into an automated system that is completely paperless – one that can really rev up your business.

Here are some changes that you can expect to happen when you implement our paperless solution into your existing systems:

1. Collect and Collate Accurate Data
Every bit of data counts. Information collected from customers and employees in the field is bound to be more accurate, thanks to the digital forms that make data collection smooth and easy. Not only that, data collected in the field will be more accurate and precise. Plus, data is gathered in real time so mistakes can be avoided altogether as you can update the smart forms instantly, while data gathering is going on. Smart features include Time and Date Stamping, GPS Tagging, Automated Calculations, Mandatory Fields, Integrated Camera and On-Screen signature, Database integration and so much more ensuring fast, accurate and powerful data collection.

2. Speedy Data Gathering
Free up time and manpower with new and improved systems geared towards making data collection speedy and more efficient. Every time new information comes in, your database is updated as your information bank grows.

3. Learn from Data Analytics
Now data gathering not only produces amazing results, you can also glean vital information and statistics from the information gathered using data analytics. Whether it’s inventory or customer response, the important thing is there’s now more to data gathering than meets the eye. You can look behind the scenes and gain more insight into your customers and what they really need from you.

4. Improve Efficiency with Newly Automated Processes
Turn manual processes into efficient automated workflows using electronic forms that are guaranteed to lighten the load and speed up existing systems. What used to take days or weeks to complete can now be done in a few instant and automated steps, thanks to our paperless software that eliminates bulky paperwork and the hassle that comes with it.

These are just a few ways that paperless forms can help grow your small business. Explore more ways to increase productivity and efficiency across your organization using Formitize app, making your paperwork paperless. Take the tour today!

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